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Brand New 2 Handles Cooling Vacuum Cellulite Removal Body Shaping Machine


2021 New Design Fractional RF Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Machine

radio frequency

myChway Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum RF Machine


myChway Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum RF Machine


  1. Face Lifting
  2. Body Slimming Cellulite Reduction
  3. Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
  4. vacuum cellulite slimming
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The hot seller vacuum ultrasonic cavitation 9 in 1 radio frequency RF body slimming machine is one of the cavitation rf bio lifitng machine in myChway. It is mainly helpful to body slimming, fat reduction, anti-againg, skin tightening, face lifting, etc. There are sextupole RF handle, 40K cavitation handle, vacuum quadpolar RF handle, 2 pole RF handle, 8 polar RF handle, microcurrent & photon handle and cold hammer. Ultrasound is routinely used for many diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. There’s virtually no risk involved, especially when compared to other methods of fat reduction that require invasive surgical procedures.

Benefits of the machine

The results of the hot seller vacuum ultrasonic cavitation 9 in 1 radio frequency RF body slimming machine are often visible right away – sometimes, you can see a difference immediately after your very first treatment. Optimal results begin to show in as little as three days. Depending on your individual body composition, you may need six to twelve treatments in order to achieve your goals. Aside from increasing your water intake, eating healthy, and maintaining a moderate exercise program, there’s nothing else you need to do to reap the benefits of ultrasound fat cavitation therapy. Just show up for your scheduled sessions at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists, and we’ll do the rest.

What does rf do to your body?

RF radiation has lower energy than some other types of non-ionizing radiation, like visible light and infrared, but it has higher energy than extremely low-frequency (ELF) radiation. If RF radiation is absorbed by the body in large enough amounts, it can produce heat. This can lead to burns and body tissue damage.

How often can I use the machine on my face?

In general, many practitioners recommend a course of six to eight radiofrequency facial treatments at one-month intervals, to achieve the initial level of improvement you want. After that, practitioners typically suggest a treatment every few months, or in some cases every year, to maintain the improvements.

Packing List

1 x Sextupole RF Handle
1 x 40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handle
1 x Vacuum& Quadploar RF Head
1 x 2-Pole RF Handle
1 x 8-Pole RF Handle
1 x Microcurrent &Photon
1 x Cold hammer
1 x Power cord
6 x Big led laser paddle
2 x Small led laser paddle
1 x Main Machine

9 in 1 cavitation machine 40k cavitation vacuum rf radio frequency machine lipolaser microcurrent hot cold hammer body cavitation machine anti cellulite machine 9 in 1 machine cavitation 40k



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